Monday, March 14, 2016

Investing in Hand Milking Equipment

Average investment for the items below will be under $500
Your GO TO Sources online for Dairy Equipment
For those looking to Handmilk:
1. A few durable pails in various sizes. These must be stainless steel without seams.
You can find various pails online at Hamby's. You can smaller pails, and then a large pail with a lid, at least.
2. A cover for the pail. I use plastic, washable paint strainers. You can order these online or purchase at Lowes.
3. A strainer and filters. Large if milking the cows, like found here. Smaller is milking goats, like found here.
4. Cleaning supplies for the pail and strainer. You can piece this together or purchase a kit like is found on this link.
5. A nice milking stanchion, especially for goats. Wood is cheaper and is easy to build at home, but metal is more sanitary and will last longer. Check ebay for low prices for shipped metal stands!
6. Storage containers, like 1/2 gallon glass mason jars.
7. Misc iteams: Strip cups, teat dip container, teat dip mixture, udder clothes and wash

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