Sunday, March 27, 2016

West Virginia Raw Milk Herdshares Class from the WV Raw Milk Group

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Saturday, April 30 at 1 PM

Kickadee Hill in Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV (directions will be posted soon)

This extremely informative class will be held on a dairy farm in Charleston owned by Marilyn Grossman of Kickadee Hill Saanens.

This is Raw Milk Handling class for consumers and producers taught for this group by Marilyn Grossman.

Marilyn is uniquely qualified as she ran a fabulous raw milk dairy for many years in PA. She has raised nationally recognized Champion ADGA Saanens for over 3 decades, and no one in the state is more qualified to offer exceptional instruction to make sure you are operating to the best of your ability when you begin a herdshare.

You will also see wonderful animal husbandry in practice and be able to talk to her about chosing solid dairy animals for your share program and how to provide the best care possible to have healthy animals.

Consumers who plan to buy into a herdshare should attend, as well, because you need to know safe handling for real milk and what to look for on the farm you buy into.

An Understanding Herdshares and the law portion will be taught by Lucas Farm's Tinia Creamer. She will discuss any differences you will find when dealing with cows, as Marilyn's expertise is in goat's and raw milk handling. All information will apply across the board, no matter the animal. We will also go over effectively operating or taking part in a herdshare program.

Thank you so much for being willing to offer this, Marilyn Grossman.

This event has no fee, though future classes may have a small fee to cover the instructors' time. Donations are welcome, but not required when you attend, to the host farm: Kickadee Hill.

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