Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Farmers and Food Matters

Farmers and Food Matters

Right now, all of the Delegates and Senators who supported "FOOD FREEDOM" are under very heavy fire and criticism for their consideration and work for Farms and Freedom with the Raw Milk Herdshare bill from the media in West Virginia.

Given legislators have truly wasted time during session suggesting bans on Barbie Dolls and received less criticism from the Media, one has to wonder what on earth is going on with today's journalists. Have they lost all touch with reality?

This bill would never needed discussed for one moment this year if the governor had not sided with Lobbyists from Big Agriculture last year and vetoed 2015's SB30.  

This is not reasonable. Local Media outlets need to hear now from small advocate farmers about what this bill means for your economic bottom-line and from consumers who care about their local economy. They need to understand that not only was very little time given to this bill in 2016, but this bill had broad public support, as well.

Did you know the Governor's secretary said not a single call came in from the public against this bill when it made it to his desk?

They need reminded this bill was about farmers, freedom and economics. Those 3 area are vital. They matter so very much. They have clearly forgotten the value of their local small farmer. What is poverty that we live in such a time as this where farmers are made fun of and dismissed.

But you can change this. 

Please take a moment to write a letter to the two local Newspapers expressing your feelings on why the Herdshare bill did matter, deserved time and attention and why farmers and food are extremely vital to West Virginia in many ways, including our overall economic future.

Then please post why food freedom policy matters in our state on your social media page to help educate others.

This bill was so important on so many levels, and I hate to see what we value tarnished. I also hate to leave a public that simply doesn't understand why it matters in the dark when I know we can articulate the significance extremely well and make a difference.

Right now, we are in the rule making stage, so keeping public support high and keeping the legislative body (some who are on Rule Making Committee), that went above and beyond to get this bill passed, certain they made the right choice in giving their time and support, is SO important.

If you need help thinking of what to say, this blog brings up some thinking points of some value.

Please take a moment and email at least a paragraph or more (up to about 1500 words) to the editors at:  


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