Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Raw Milk Herdshare sales: The Risk and Insurance

Did you know that the vast majority of farmers operating herdshare agreements in the Nation do not have liability insurance?

Did you know last time I spoke with Attorney and national raw milk advocate, Pete Kennedy, with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense fund, he started the organization knew of NO successful law suits in the USA to ever take place against a HERDSHARE provider?

Did you know the law is written in such a way that if you aren't negligent, you are NOT liable? You are protected under the law unless you mishandle the milk and make gross mistakes.

Someone can sue at anytime for any reason, and this is true of anything you sell and in life (in general), but they cannot collect damages UNLESS you are proven negligent in your process collection and handling of the milk that made the milk risker than raw milk is by nature as an uncooked food?
Did you know liability insurance typically doesn't cover you if you're intentionally negligent? This is important because given that a person is putting themselves out there as a dairy professional, if it could be proven you didn't follow standard practice, your company, should have gain insurance, my seek to prove you were intentionally negligent, at at any rate, to avoid paying out.

There are always questions about risks, insurance and negligence when you talk about farming and sales, and especially with raw milk.

The very best source for information has been and will remain The FTCLDF

It is $125 to join, and this gives you the strong backing of a team of attorneys more familiar with raw milk issues than anyone else nationwide, and should you be sued, if you're a member, they can represent you if they believe you're innocent. This can ONLY happen if you're a member.

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